Barber Just Wants To ‘Talk To You’


Everyone knows the story of boy meets girl. They fall in love. They go up in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g and live happily ever after. However, the finer parts of the fairy tale, where the magic really happens, are lost. The topic has been a source of inspiration for balladeers for centuries. London-based singer/songwriter Barber is no exception. On his latest loosie, "Talk To You," Barber spits his best game and hot fire trying to convince a young lady to give him the time of day.

"Talk To You" is a re-fix of female vocalist Ray BLK's "Talk To Me." Both songs are about trying to convince that special someone who has caught your eye. However, Barber's response is a bit more aggressive. While Ray retains a sing-song flow between verses and chorus, Barber pushes things a bit further, engaging in full braggadocio rap mode while delivering equally impressive vocals on the chorus without missing a step. While the song doesn't change any of the original bass- and piano-laden production of the original track, Barber doesn't need to. He owns the track completely.

Though we aren't sure whether Barber gets the girl in the end, he has won us over with this impressive track. If "Talk To You" is any indication of what the emerging artist has to offer, we'll be first in line for his new EP dropping early next year.

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