Eryn Allen Kane Mesmerizes Once Again With Her ‘Piano Song’


In case you haven't noticed, singer/songwriter/actress Eryn Allen Kane is a star on the rise. Upon first arriving on the scene, we automatically deemed her Bounce-Worthy, and then she linked up with none other than Prince himself for the searing protest song "Baltimore." She also snagged a role in Spike Lee's controversial new joint Chi-Raq, proving that we'll be seeing her name and face in some shape, form or fashion for years to come. As if that all weren't enough, she also had the good fortune of having her latest single premiere on last night's episode of the BET's much-talked about Being Mary Jane. But if you happen to have missed that moment, in the words of the network's slogan, we got you.

"Piano Song" showcases more of what we've come to love from the young talent. It starts off with the singer's voice and the quiet accompaniment of piano as she sings "Sometimes clinging to a cloud ain't as easy as it seems." However, it slowly blossoms into so much more. First, the warm backing vocals wash in like a tide, instantly adding a lush new layer. Then, as her vocal and lyrics begin to ring more hopeful, horns begin to spill into the mix and create an even more beautiful landscape for Eryn's beautiful voice to shine. It's quite honestly one of the best songs you'll have the pleasure of hearing this year and yet another reason why we here at SBHQ are fans.

Take a listen to "Piano Song" right here and look for Eryn on the big screen when Chi-Raq hits theaters on December 4th.

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