Russell Taylor’s Smoky Lyric Video Is Something To Be ‘Proud’ Of


We love and support all good music here at SoulBounce, but we're particularly geeked when we see the hustle of our favorite indie artists paying off. Take Russell Taylor for example. He'd been making music for a few years before his career got a high-profile boost as a VH1 You Oughta Know artist in late 2013. Since then, his fan base has steadily grown and his music has been featured on quite a few television shows. The quality of his music is consistent, which is why he always excites us whenever he drops some newness into our laps, as he recently did with the lyric video for "Proud."

Granted, his War of Hearts album has been out for almost a year now, so the Tim Kvasnosky-produced track "Proud" isn't exactly "new" per se. But as he's proven in the past with songs like "Blueprint" and "Hope," the lyric video treatment is quite effective, evoking an ancillary appreciation for his music. The Calvin West creation takes a minimalist approach with a smoldering picture of Mr. Taylor (shot by Isauro Cairo) in the background. The lyrics appear on screen like wisps of smoke wafting from the singers lips. The haze thickens and dissipates like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide, giving the brooding ballad a hypnotic intensity that makes us love the song even more.

Get your introspection on while you take in the visuals below. Russell's working on his next project, but lucky New Yorkers can catch him live on December 10th during his free show at Rockwood Music Hall.

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