Don’t Start ‘Christmas Without’ This Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman Reunion


This has been a pretty good year for both Timothy Bloom and V. Bozeman, thanks to the favorable reception of his latest album and her high-profile television appearances coupled with a new single. But even as their solo careers continue to advance, no one will ever forget the incredible duet that first brought them to our attention. As a matter of fact, stop reading for a second and revisit the awe-inducing visuals for "'Til the End of Time." We'll wait.

Now, almost five years later, the twosome is back together to create some holiday magic with "Christmas Without U." Like their previous collaboration, the track is a love song...but don't expect another slow-burning ballad. Gritty electric guitar and snappy percussion provide the groovy backdrop for this retro-funk party. Once again, Bloom and Bozeman sound amazing together, their soulful voices tinged with a bluesy edge that keeps things interesting as they match each others intensity. They switch up the pace towards the very end, which is slightly disappointing as it disrupts the song's fiery energy, but we're loving this holiday jam, nonetheless.

Take a listen below then head over to iTunes for your copy. Keep up with Timothy Bloom via his website, and stay tuned for more news on V. Bozeman's upcoming Music Is My Boyfriend.

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