FLOTUS Got Bars: Michelle Obama Makes Rap Debut With Jay Pharoah


We always knew that our current first lady was fresh to def, but what we didn't know was that FLOTUS was sitting on a few Hot 16s. Michelle Obama dropped lyrical bombs on the world today in support of her "Better Make Room" campaign. She appears in the College Humor clip "Go To College" alongside Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah to extol the virtues going to college and getting that degree.

"If you wanna fly jets / You should go to college / Reach high and cash checks / Fill your head with knowledge," the twosome chants on the uplifting chorus. Jay, for the most part, does the heavy lifting rhyme-wise. But don't get it twisted, Mrs. Obama steps to the mic in a big way when her time comes. "South side Chicago, we all know / We had to do overtime every night / To make it tomorrow / And everyone could really make their dream true," she spits slightly effortlessly (though admittedly she could tighten up her flow just a tad).

Of course, the video has already set social media on fire, with the hashtag #FLOTUSBars and several memes of the first lady at the mic going viral. In fact, after the Obamas exit the White House, Chelly O (what we imagine her rap moniker would be) might have a brand new occupation.

Check out FLOTUS rockin' the mic right in the clip below.

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