Diggs Duke Asks For Empathy With ‘He Wants To Live Like You’


Diggs Duke has been a prolific treasure since we named him Bounce-Worthy in 2011. And thankfully, the new year sees him continuing that trend with the upcoming release of his double single "He Wants To Live Like You/Water For Sale." Ahead of its release, Diggs previews the meaningful A-side "He Wants To Live Like You," a heartfelt plea for a bit of empathy.

Using only piano and his voice, Diggs draws attention to the plight of those who are constantly ignored or discriminated against without thought of our shared humanity. The song's first verse seems to describe both those seeking refuge in America and those in America seeking equality. "Are you trying to stop them from seeking peace of mind?" he asks. "Is there something that you think they have to hide?" In the song's second verse, he questions our treatment of the homeless population, asking, "Do they just seem like some urban decoration or just another smell that makes your day so hard?" He then reminds us on the chorus that "but for the luck of the draw, you could be in his place." Simple and direct, the song will definitely make you reflect on how you treat your fellow man.

"He Wants To Live Like You" and its jazzy instrumental B-side "Water For Sale" are available now via Brownswood. You can buy the digital double single now or pre-order the vinyl (which will be available for shipping January 22nd) here. But first, check out "He Wants To Live Like You" below.

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