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We expected a hearty amount of Down Under soul to come from the Bounce-Worthy eclectic quartet Hiatus Kaiyote, and they overdelivered in 2015. On Choose Your Weapon, an 18-track album full of cosmic soul and sounds from across the globe, Hiatus stretched our imagination from earth to space with their unique creativity and musical chops. Following the success of the group's 2012 album Tawk Tomahawk, Hiatus Kaiyote were on a mission to prove their sophomore worth with their own lyrics and production, while Salaam Remi served as executive producer.

"Shaolin Monk Motherfunk" sets the pace for the album, which is a track that goes through several tempo changes. Most of the tracks followed this style, trippy, future soul and with many tone changes and variances in speed. At no point will you get comfortable or know what to expect, and tracks like "Swamp Thing,""Jekyll" and "Atari" ensure just that. The GRAMMY-nominated "Breathing Underwater," one of the prettiest slow jams on the album, reminds us why we initially fell in love with the foursome.

With this album, Hiatus Kaiyote proved again how much they refuse to be put in one musical box. In fact they would use the box as their prop, molding and beating it into whatever world they want their listeners to see. Their easy command of R&B and soul is magnified on the album, with its winding harmonies and skillful instrumentals playing in every track. With so many sounds and styles on the album, the title Choose Your Weapon is a prompt from the group, but no matter what you choose, you'll always make the right decision. -- Mercy

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