V. Bozeman Pours Her ‘Heart’ Into This Michel’le Cover


V. Bozeman is still completing work on her highly anticipated project Music is My Boyfriend. Thankfully, she's been dropping enough crumbs to keep our hunger at bay until the official release. Just after her infectious Timbaland collabo "Smile," her work on Empire yielded the powerful "Hourglass," and she closed out the year with a festive Timothy Bloom reunion. However, her latest endeavor finds her reaching way back into the past for an unlikely cover of Michel'le's searing ballad "Something In My Heart."

Peaking at No. 2 on the R&B chart almost 30 years, the love song was a departure from the no-nonsense attitude Michel'le had displayed on previous singles, introducing a softer side of the R&B Divas: LA star while still allowing her powerful vocals to shine through. Well, as Montell Jordan informed us back in '95, "South Central does it like nobody does." And trust us when we say Veronika more than delivers with her take on this urban classic. An electric guitar sets a bold and dramatic tone at the onset, a striking contrast to V.'s incredibly smooth vocal. Over an unmistakably '90s thump, her voice effortlessly transitions from nuanced sensuality to raw emotional pleading, slaying us all in the process.

In addition to waiting for Music Is My Boyfriend, we'll also have to wait until March for Ms. Bozeman to grace our small screens again with her Empire role. In the meantime, check out her lovely cover of "Something In My Heart," wish her a happy belated birthday and keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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