Hot 16: Celebrity Selector Zo! Is Right On Time With ‘Adult Time’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Valentine's Day is drawing nigh and if you don't have your gifts bought or plans set yet, you still have time to get your act and coins together. But quite honestly, you really don't need to break the bank to impress your long-term love or a new potential. Sometimes there's nothing better than spending some quality time with your significant other and, well, making them feel significant. And when you're spending that quality time with bae, you need a banging (pun intended) soundtrack -- and that's where we come in.

For the third edition of our Valentine's Day Celebrity Selector we've tapped one of our favorite musicians/producers, Zo!, to curate a playlist to serve as an aural aid in your quest to tap that. He's dubbed this playlist Adult Time, and it's a collection of grown folk music from the '70s through today that will set and get you in the mood. During this age of "Netflix & Chill" and microwave relationships, according to Zo! there's still something to be said for taking your time and doing it right:

A streaming movie lead-in wouldn't do this list a bit of justice. This collection of music requires you to take your time and be thorough. Listen, I don't care if it's you and your significant other ...If it's someone who's fallin' through your now empty apartment because your roommate stepped out of town for a couple days ...Or even if there's an outside entrance for someone to come on by and knock on to that basement you're shacking up in - Everyone loves that quality Adult Time. Now enjoy your night ...and each other.

With intention and purpose, Zo! has gathered together a group of sexy selections from Al Green, Leon Ware, Tweet, SWV, The InternetJesse Boykins III and even included one of his own with one of the most sensual songs of all time. This is just a taste of the artistry found on the Zo!'s Celebrity Selector playlist, but you can get your fill and feast your ears on the complete Adult Time playlist on Spotify or right here.

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