Tweet Has Us Under Her Spell In ‘Magic’


Year before Twitter, the only Tweet that mattered was one Charlene Keys who used that moniker as her stage name and blew everyone away when she fluttered into our lives with her debut album Southern Hummingbird in 2002. That album is considered by many to be one of the best R&B albums of the aughts, and her beloved follow-up It's Me Again followed in 2005. True fans have patiently waited for her third album, and after years of false starts, failed deals and a trail of loose songs and an EP, Tweet will bless us with her new album Charlene in a matter of weeks.

Anticipation for Tweet's new project has been at a fever pitch with the release of the first two singles "Won't Hurt Me" and "Magic," and she is giving us fever with the latter's new music video. For the clip, the focus is wholly on the singer, and that's quite alright with us because she is a stunning sight to see.

Tweet, who recently celebrated her 45th birthday, looks absolutely fabulous simply lounging in a leather high back chair with her long legs and Louboutins kicked over an arm. And that's pretty much the extent of the video for "Magic," and it's one of the most simple yet sensual visuals we've seen. From tight shots on her glossy lips to her come-hither glances into the camera, director Leo Marshall's lens loves Tweet. While Marshall captures her exquisite beauty on film and utilizes creative lighting and superimposed frames, Tweet's honey-sweet voice on "Magic" will have you equally mesmerized and ready to do whatever she asks.

We'd imagine that Tweet would ask fans to pre-order her album on either Amazon or iTunes and support Charlene when it's officially released on February 26th. Get ready to do just that when you press play to watch "Magic" right here.

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