Alessia Cara Embraces Her ‘Wild’ Side


A year ago, Alessia Cara was an "unknown" YouTube artist preparing to shake up the airwaves with her debut single "Here." And though the infectious tune has since gone double platinum, the young singer/songwriter is intent on proving that she's no one-hit wonder. A preview EP (Four Pink Walls), promotional appearances and successful tours increased her fanbase and paved the way for the anticipated release of her full-length debut Know-It-All last November. Having already given us our first taste of the album's second single "Wild Things," the singer has finally released accompanying visuals for the anthemic hit.

As he did with her debut video, director Aaron A. creates a visual backdrop that makes us feel as if we're participating in the unfolding events; a method that makes the song come alive and allows the lyrics to permeate our thoughts. Alessia and her merry band of cohorts run through the neighborhood and city streets having all kinds of fun, yes. But the simple clip somehow feels like more than just kids having a good time. It celebrates the spirit of youth -- the freedom to make (and learn from) mistakes, the struggle/search to find your place, the inquisitiveness to explore/discover and the courage to make a difference. The singer captures this very spirit with the opening monologue, “To me, Where The Wild Things Are is a place that exists in our minds. It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness. It can take a split second or a lifetime to find it. But once you do, you’ll be free.” And later continues the sentiment in a closing statement, "There's a wild thing that exists in all of us...But we can't be scared of it. We have to become it."

Get wild with Alessia Cara below, then keep scrolling to check out an alternate video that features concert clips and behind-the-scenes footage. Speaking of concerts, head to her website for remaining tour dates in the Netherlands, UK and Canada. Know-It-All is currently available through your favorite music retailers.

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