Are Keke Palmer & Jeremih Friends Or ‘Enemiez’?


Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. That's what actor/dancer/singer Keke Palmer is preaching in her new collaboration with crooner Jeremih. The 22-year-old delivers an upbeat and dramatic track in "Enemiez," detailing a Romeo and Juliet-esque storyline supported by an exciting music video. Shot in Los Angeles and directed by Carly Cussen, Keke is seen running in the streets with close friends, yet she has feelings for a fella in a rival crew. While she battles her feelings throughout the video with energetic choreo taking a page from Michael Jackson's "Beat It," Jeremih plays a chill sidekick in a few scenes where he sings from the other side of a wall. "This ain't enough for me / Gotta be honest, I want you to lust for me / And if we're just friends / I'd rather be your enemy," Keke sings.

At the end of the video, Keke stays true to herself and her heart when she makes a decision, which you'll have to watch to find out. We last saw Keke putting in "Work" in a video tribute to Rihanna and Drake's latest, giving us all the sultry moves we often don't expect from the innocent-looking singer. While Keke continues to take a page from her idols, including Aaliyah (she definitely gives us some Romeo Must Die action in this video), we're excited to see the young talent continue to blossom into her own. If you're into Keke and Jeremih's "Enemiez," you can watch the video right here to see what happens in the drama-filled love story and also cop the track when you head to iTunes.

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