Brayton Bowman’s Clever Rihanna & NSYNC Mashup Is ‘Gonna’ Make You Move


Brayton Bowman has a Bounce (yes, with a capital "B") in his spirit that effectively permeates everything he does. Aside from having an incredible voice, there's an irresistible charm that underlies his musical output. Obviously, we have great esteem for his original works and knew he was Bounce-Worthy from our very first listen. But we also think that his covers (Britney Spears, Stevie Wonder) and recent Drake/Justin Bieber mashup are inspired and just plain awesome.

His latest offering, cleverly titled "It's Gonna Be Rih," pairs the zesty kick of 'NSYNC's pop hit "It's Gonna Be Me" with the pulsating island rhythms of Rihanna's latest, "Work." Mr. Bowman once again entrusts the production duties to his supremely talented bae" MNEK and the results are worth a listen or three. Adopting the repetitive cadence that our favorite Bajan rude gal employs throughout the original, Bowman proceeds to vocally twerk all over the NSYNC tune. Though he lyrically focuses on the boy band, he seamlessly interweaves enough RiRi to keep it interesting. Check it out below and prepare to werk your way into the weekend. Brayton tends to drop these musical gems on a whim, so be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter to stay in the know.

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