Rachel Foxx Needs An Answer On ‘Remember’


East Londoner Rachel Foxx has something serious she wants to ask her ex. Posed as a question and sung as a statement, Foxx wants to know if they ”Remember” the way the two of them used to get down because she's having a hard time forgetting.

Produced by Sillky, “Remember” is all about the normal stage of reminiscing about a relationship that's gone sour and probably best left in the past, but you can't get that good-good off of your mind. “Now and then, then and now / I think of all, all the times you f**ked me over / But that was then and this is now / I'm thinking bout the way you used to touch me,” Rachel sings in her lower register, truly leading listeners to feel her pain and her desire. The electro soul, computerized blips and bass-heavy beat complement Foxx's delivery and will have your head bobbing and body rolling as you, too, remember the wrong one who used to do it to you oh-so right.

Take a listen to “Remember” right here, and if you need to catch up on Rachel Foxx's offerings, start from the beginning with her self-titled EP or her last single “Pink and Green” via her SoundCloud page.

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