Regina Belle Reminds Us To ‘Be Careful Out There’


GRAMMY Award-winning singer Regina Belle’s return to R&B/soul music after a 15-year absence with “Be Careful Out There,” might have passed you by if you weren’t paying attention and got caught up in the holiday rush this past December. In case you missed it, she recently dropped a lyric video that takes the message of morals, family values and, simply put, paying attention to the signs life yields to a whole new level.

As the first single from The Day Life Began, which dropped in January on Shanachie Entertainment, “Be Careful Out There” reminds us that this diva, whose musical impact has crossed the R&B, soul, jazz and gospel music genres over 10 albums has seen, heard and done it all. With an acoustic backdrop, the lyrics supply both a loving warning and a motivational impact. “I’m there for you / But I’m still scared for you / ‘Cause I can’t protect you now.” She continues by singing on the chorus, “Don’t let 'em change your heart and say / Your faith is just a crutch.” The lyric video is filled with images of nature, photographs of everyday people and inspirational individuals like Golden States Warriors' phenomenon Steph Curry and, of course, new photos of Regina Belle looking as regal as ever.

As powerful as the simple song is, what really stands out is the clarity in Regina Belle’s voice. At 52, she’s still in her prime as a singer who can tap into just about anything emotionally. That’s what makes her artistry so superb and so welcomed as we continue to cherish one of our living legends. Press play on the lyric video right here to sing along with Regina and see what we mean.

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