SoulBounce Exclusive: Get To Know Isa With ‘Take It Slow’


Bronx born Isa Marina Lopez, or simply Isa, may be a relative newcomer to the scene, but she comes packing a lot of talent. The singer, songwriter and model already has one EP, Montage, under her belt and just last year released her single "Joyride." Now she returns with the quiet, beautiful ballad "Take It Slow."

"Take It Slow" deals with the hurtful end of a relationship. She sings of the hurt and pain she's experiencing in the aftermath of the heartbreak with mournful, crystal clear vocals that carry the pain that she's feeling. But rather than be just another sad love song, it becomes a quiet moment of calm and reflection as she waits for the right move to make. Underscoring her vocal is delicate piano production provided by producer D. Robb. Making sure to hit the right mood without overpowering Isa's vocal, it's the perfect complement to the lyrics.

Isa had this to say about the creation of the song: "'Take It Slow' was a song that I literally wrote and arranged within the matter of an hour. I was going through a separation from someone I was truly in love with, and the day I wrote "Take It Slow" was the first day I had some time off to be home with myself to digest the situation and being left, especially being left for someone else. There is no resolution by the end of "Take It Slow." It's literally a song about being still. There is no right or wrong move, there's nothing really to do but let life flow naturally, no matter how painful it may feel to not have a solid "yes" or "no" at the time."

You can listen to the dynamic "Take It Slow" below.

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