Zo! Gives Sneak Peek At ‘SkyBreak’ With Album Cover Reveal


We may have to wait until May for its release, but Zo! is stoking the fires of anticipation for his new album, SkyBreak, by sharing the cover art. And my what a cover it is.

Photographed on location in Washington, DC by SoulBounce's go-to photographer Keith Estep and designed by Chris Charles who works extensively with The Foreign Exchange, the image captures Zo! walking up a set of stairs and into the daylight. These aren't just any set of stairs, but they are located in the legendary music venue Bohemian Caverns on DC's nightlife hotspot U Street. For anyone who has been to Bohemian Caverns, this entrance/exit is all too familiar and will bring back memories of seeing live music performed by many an artist, including Zo! himself who has played on the intimate venue's stage accompanying other performers. Oddly enough, Zo! has never played a solo show at Bohemian before, but that might need to change soon just because.

Bohemian Caverns is definitely an iconic venue, and this album cover is on its way to that status with this incredible image that plays with shadows, light and texture. SkyBreak's cover also holds the distinction of Zo!'s first album cover shot exclusively in the DC area. Sorry, Detroit.

We were already counting the days until SkyBreak's May 20th release on the +FE Music 2016 schedule, and now this cover art has us fiending for whatever Zo! has been cooking up in the studio like we're ill and SkyBreak is the cure.

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