Jaheim Takes His ‘Struggle Love’ To Church


When we first heard Jaheim's single "Struggle Love," the last thing that came to mind was church or anything remotely religious. With lyrics such as "put your butt up on my d**k" and "running trains on chicks," "Struggle Love" ain't nobody's gospel song. The track is quite secular, so  it's surprising for it to get a music video with a church theme, but that's precisely where we find Jaheim for these visuals.

The clip begins with Jah and his lady, played by actress/singer Demetria McKinney, walking hand in hand down the aisle of an empty church to the altar. They start reciting wedding vows, and the pastor comes out to greet them. It's not until they all start chatting that it's made clear that these two are already married and not about to jump the broom. Jaheim has brought his wife back to church to surprise her with the news that he's donated money to the music ministry. Together they go to pay a visit to the youth who are practicing on their instruments in the basement. Jah starts singing and getting lovey dovey with wifey while there are flashback scenes to him back in the day running the streets.

Overall, it's a sweet video, but the church element seems out of place and doesn't flow well with the song without any backstory or additional scenes to tie it all together. Although the video for "Struggle Love" isn't a bad video, it simply struggles to make sense.

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