Musiq Soulchild Urges You To Be Happy With Life In ‘Alive And Well’

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

The April 15th release date for Musiq Soulchild's new album Life On Earth is rapidly approaching, and he's making sure that we don't forget it and to circle it in red on the calendar with another fresh track from the collection. Days after blessing us with an animated lyric video for "I Do," Soulchild brings us the mid-tempo jam "Alive and Well," and he has another winner on his hands.

"Alive and Well" sees Musiq Soulchild channeling his inner Deepak Oprah and sharing some self-help advice. Segueing from singing about love on previous tracks to singing about life and living your best one, Musiq breaks it down on the chorus, "If you're a fat man, then be a happy fat man / If you're a poor man, then be a happy poor man. I'm not tryna sit and tell you not to better yourself / But if you're alive and well, just be alive and well." Musiq encourages the listener to be happy with themselves wherever they are in life. The inspirational little ditty is right in Musiq's R&B/soul wheelhouse with a bright piano-driven melody.

With "I Do," "Heart Away" and now "Alive and Well," Musiq Soulchild has three certified hits that we've heard thus far from Life On Earth, and we can only assume there are more where these came from. We'll find out soon enough when the album drops in a matter of weeks, but if you can't wait to own a piece of it, you can pre-order it now on iTunes and get all of the aforementioned tracks as instant downloads.

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