The SoulBounce Q&A: Musiq Soulchild Gets Real About Love, Relationships & ‘Life On Earth’


SB: Earlier, you spoke about people making bad decisions in relationships and that speaks to the song “Heart Away,” which really struck me with its lyrical content, urging people to make better decisions when it comes to love.

MS: Right.

SB: So, what are some bad decisions that you’ve made.

MS: Oh we’re not gonna go down that road. (laughs)

SB: I tried!

MS: No, you get an “A” for effort.

SB: (laughs)

MS: Just try to understand, do your best to understand, that all of this stuff comes from a very real place.

SB: I figured as much.

MS: I don’t personalize it as much, though, because I’m not the only person that has gone through it. I think it’s more so important that the message is being presented rather than, "Oh woe is me, look what I’ve been through." I want to show people the potential pitfalls and come ups of being in relationship. That’s what I would rather focus on. That’s why I say in the song, "you can’t just give your heart away," be more selective. Don’t make decisions out of desperation and loneliness because then you can’t get mad at what you get. Most of the time when you make decisions based on those things it’s a bunch of duds, man.

SB: Yeah.

MS: You just wasted your life.

SB: Exactly, and your time.

MS: Right. Some people are put into your life for a moment, but people try to stretch it out.

SB: Yeah, some relationships have expiration dates.

MS: It’s like having an apple and you never eat it. Then you get mad because it's overripe, stinking and has worms and ants in it. Bruh, you were supposed to eat the apple, get the nutrients and get on with your life.

SB: Keep it moving, right.

MS: But this is a great apple and a representation of life and I just want to cherish it.

SB: That’s the best apple I’ve ever had, and I only want this apple for the rest of my life.

MS: But it has a shelf life to it. No, there are more apples out there.

SB: More trees, more apples.

MS: Yeah. They want to take positive advantage of a good apple when it’s good and get mad when it goes bad. You are presented with opportunities. It’s your job to make good on those opportunities. If they go bad, that’s your fault because you were slow moving on it. You had your own concept. No, I don’t think life works that way. Life ain’t on your schedule, life ain't on nobody’s schedule. You are on life’s schedule.

SB: C’mon now. You better preach a word in here today!

MS: That’s just real life.

SB: It is, and you are giving us all of that on your new album Life on Earth, and we truly thank you for sharing your pain, your pleasure, your triumphs and defeats in music with your fans. We appreciate you keeping it real.

MS: It’s just one person’s opinion about life, that’s all.

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