Donell Jones & David Banner Advise You To ‘Never Let Her Go’


We're always excited to hear new tracks from R&B crooner Donell Jones, and it looks like we can expect more where that came from this year. Donell just dropped his latest single with a little help from activist and rapper David Banner. "Never Let Her Go" isn't typical Donell Jones. In a recent tweet, the singer said "Don't expect the classic '90s Donell,and after pressing play on the track, we can vouch that he wasn't playing. The radio-ready track is fun, energetic and comes right on time for the rising temperatures.

Banner opens up the single with his country-dipped bars, as we hear him selling himself to a potential significant other. As he tries not mess up his game, Donell comes in for the assist and ushers in the first verse. "I've been looking for this woman / Have you seen her? / I've been searching since '99," he croons. "Never Let Her Go" is supposed to be a sequel to "Where I Wanna Be," though it's a far, yet welcome, cry from the R&B classic.

Donell's last album, Forever, was released back in 2013 and we can anticipate his new album 20 later this year — the album title represents the number of years Donell has been in the industry and all we can say is time flies. While you may still be listening to "U Know What's Up" and "Shorty (Got Her Eyes on Me)," listen to Donell and Banner's "Never Let Her Go" right here and add it to your summer playlist. You can purchase "Never Let Her Go" on iTunes and grab a seat next to us as we wait for more new music from Donell.

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