Mara Hruby Shows Us What’s On Her Mind ‘In The Wee Small Hours’


With her latest effort, Archaic Rapture, Mara Hruby had us wrapped up in the quiet heartbreak of lost love for the past two years. Now it's time for her to say goodbye to that chapter of her life, but not before she gives us one last tearful reminder with the video for the wrenching torch song "In The Wee Small Hours."

The song, a Frank Sinatra cover, is an emotional ballad about the late night thoughts we have when our heart has been broken. Mara's vocal performance on the track, bleeding each tear from the material, captured this feeling perfectly on its own, but she drives the point masterfully home in the visuals. We find her lying alone in bed but unable to sleep as thoughts of a past lover swirl in her head. She leaves the bed and roams her home, which we discover she once shared with her lover, where she is haunted by romantic memories. The melancholy melody proves to be too much for her by video's end and she, like us, finds herself lost in emotion and breaking down in tears.

While "In The Wee Small Hours," and Archaic Rapture as a whole, you'll be happy to know that Mara is in a much happier place these days. If she's able to mine such poignant material from sadness, we can only imagine what her next project will sound like. While we look forward to the new, say goodbye to heartache when you watch the video below.

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