The Hamiltones Sing SoulBounce’s Praises


Anthony Hamilton's background singers The Hamiltones are no longer 20 feet from stardom. The trio of singers, who light up the stage nightly with AHam, have blown up thanks to their soul-drenched, gospel-dipped songs based on memes or hit rap songs that have gone viral because of the power of social media, but mainly due to their extraordinary talent. Anthony often joins them in harmony, but most recently J. Vito, Tony Lelo and 2E branched out on their own for "Put Some Respeck On It," based on Birdman's rant on The Breakfast Club, that has truly raised their profile in the past few weeks.

SoulBounce has been singing their praises for a while, though, and we finally got a chance to catch up with the fellas for an interview and they returned the favor. After performing in Norfolk, VA on Anthony Hamilton and Fantasia's tour, the guys sat down with us to chat about their newfound notoriety and future projects. At the end of our conversation, we put them on the spot and asked them to sing a song with "SoulBounce" in it, then this magic happened.

Stay tuned for the interview, but in the meantime enjoy this little impromptu tune that we're calling "Ain't Nothin' But a SoulBounce" courtesy of The Hamiltones. Shout out to LaVan Anderson of Everyday LaVan for capturing this footage, and thank you to The Hamiltones for putting some respeck on SoulBounce's name and giving us our new theme music.

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