The Syncopated Ladies Get In Formation For Prince With ‘When Doves Cry’ Tap Tribute


It's been a little a over a month since Prince passed away. While we've had countless heartwarming musical tributes from the likes of D'Angelo, Keke Wyatt and The Family, we had yet to see performances that incorporated The Artist's love of dance. Leave it up to Chloe Arnold and her Syncopated Ladies to deliver. They've dropped a foot-tapping nod to the late icon using his classic "When Doves Cry" as the soundtrack. The seven ladies put their feet to task for the Prince tribute, which came right on time in light of a certain someone disturbing our spirits with her lackluster Billboard Music Awards performance. Chloe struts over to her record player and drops the needle on the track and the ladies, decked out in grey tights and tanks, step for their lives in honor of the Purple One. Equipped with purple dance shoes, with accessories shaped to match Prince's Love symbol, the ladies delivered a beautiful and sultry performance worth watching.

After channeling Prince's angst, the video ends with a quote from Prince: "A strong spirit transcends rules." The Syncopated Ladies managed to tap dance their way into our hearts a few years ago as they rose to fame with their Beyoncé tributes. It looks like they're still getting into formation, using their talent in creative and strategic ways. Now that we're seeing more from the ladies, performing outside of the Beyoncé bubble, we're curious to see what else they have in store. The ladies have been touring the country, performing at star-studded events, and we hear they're working closely with dance icon Debbie Allen. You can find out more about the Syncopated Ladies whereabouts on their website and watch them soar with their Prince "When Droves Cry" tribute right here.

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