Jazmine Sullivan Decides To ‘#STEPFORWARD’ With Reebok & Bkstg To Tell Her Story


R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan just teamed up with Reebok for the launch of their new #STEPFORWARD campaign. The campaign, also a collaboration with Bkstg, a new platform that connects artists and fans directly, helps fans get just a little closer to their favorite artists through the art of storytelling. Decked out in fresh new Reeboks, Jazmine takes us on a walk down memory lane as she introduces us to her family, her neighborhood and talks about her musical journey. In the three video series, Jazmine sits with her parents and looks at old photos as they talk about her upbringing and career full of ups and downs. She later gives us a tour of her childhood home, the Strawberry Mansion area of Philadelphia, Milkboy Studios and discusses her love for her city and her music.

The new partnership between Bkstg and Reebok will help fans learn more about artists, leaving them with an empowering call-to-action to give back to their communities. The series with Jazmine is short and sweet but presents the soul -- and sole -- of an artist we always want to hear more from. You can catch Jazmine performing later this year at the ONE Musicfest in Atlanta and hopefully dropping some new music soon. If you have Apple or Android, you can download the Bkstg app and stay connected to Jazmine to see what she's up to behind the scenes. Until then, watch Jazmine Sullivan's musical journey with Bkstg and Reebook right here, and see what inspired her to #STEPFORWARD into her successful musical career.