Marsha Ambrosius Digs Through The Crates In ‘Have You Ever”


Marsha Ambrosius goes crate digging in the music video for "Have You Ever" and finds more than just dusty old records. The songstress keeps it easy breezy for her excursion to the record store, which sees her drawn to works of reggae artist Dennis Brown. This makes perfect sense, of course, since the song Marsha croons is a cover of Brown's 1981 reggae classic "Have You Ever Been In Love" taken from the recently released VP Records compilation, We Remember Dennis Brown (Amazon, iTunes). Ambrosius does the Crown Prince of Reggae proud with her lilting, soulful rendition that stays true to his original but adds her signature tone, additional harmonies and instrumental flourishes, such as horns and a laser-like ping.

As Marsha flips through the Dennis Brown vinyl selections in the visual, she pulls a few out to take a closer look. She sings and dances while she shops, and we soon see why she's in such a happy mood when her main man walks into the store. Marsha gives him her undivided attention, and they get cozy in the aisle and slow dance against a wall. We also see the handsome couple in a beach scene where they continue to cuddle, canoodle and kiss. Watching this video and listening to this song will definitely have you in your lovey dovey feelings and wanting to recreate these scenes with your music-loving lover.

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