Nicole Wray Returns As Lady Wray To ‘Do It Again’


Nicole Wray has gone through a number of changes in her musical career. She started off as a teen pop darling, reinvented herself as a diva with Dame Dash, collaborated with The Black Keys on their GRAMMY-winning Brothers LP, started singing Motown-esque music as one half of the duo Lady with Terri Walker and is now pursuing a solo career once again as the artist now known as Lady Wray. However, through trials, tribulations and other changes, what hasn’t changed is that miraculous voice that made us stand up and pay attention to a little girl from Portsmouth, Virginia. Those pipes, along with a few other assets, are on full display in the video for her new single, “Do It Again.”

More than just another sad love song, “Do It Again,” attempts to explore the complexities of love, breakups to make ups, reliving times good and bad, and trying to figure out if you’ll do it just one more time. Lyrics such as, “So hard when love has left the building / And we can’t talk about it,” underscore the tumultuous nature of falling in and out of love. The production courtesy of Leon Michaels and Thomas Brenneck is a lush sound bed of old school horns, drums and tickled ivories.

While the song is full and lush, the video keeps it pretty simple. Shot on what we’re guessing is an iPhone 6S or an iPad Pro, Nicole saunters and sashays in an apartment and on a rooftop, giving us tatas and rap hands for days as her strawberry blonde quick weave blows in the wind.

“Do It Again,” is the first single from Nicole Wray’s upcoming solo album, Queen Alone. The album will feature production from the same team that handled the Lady project. While it remains to be seen whether the Missy Elliott-protege will “Make it Hot” once again, this new single is a good start.

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