Frank McComb Will Leave You ‘Feelin’ Some Kinda Way’


Frank McComb has perfected the art of crafting a smooth and soulful love song over the course of his nearly 25 year career. With his latest single, "Feelin' Some Kinda Way," he proves that he hasn't lost his touch. The song is the first single taken from his upcoming album Soulmate Another Love Story and features the vocal stylings of Avery*Sunshine, while Najee adds his own touch by sprinkling his flute throughout. If this song isn't the definition of smooth, then we don't know what is.

In "Feelin' Some Kinda Way," McComb sings about the butterflies that often accompany the early stages of love. Regardless of if you're currently in a relationship or not, we've all experienced this feeling at one point or another. McComb has a knack for putting lyrics to capture the moments that can otherwise leave us speechless.

Soulmate Another Love Story is due out July 15th and is set to feature appearances from the likes of Deborah Bond, Maysa, Marqueal Jordan, Glenn Gaddum, Jr. and more. Listen to "Feelin' Some Kinda Way"right here and don't be surprised if it leaves you like that after hearing it.

Frank McComb Soulmate Another Love Story tracklist:

01 Mustard Seed Pt.1
02 This Love Of Ours
03 Feelin’ Some Kinda Way (feat. Avery*Sunshine & Najee)
04 Soulmate
05 She Needs True Love Too
06 There Are No Words (feat. Najee, Teus Noble, Deborah Bond & Shannon "Songbird" Gibbons)
07 Mustard Seed PT.2 (feat. Najee)
08 Labeled As Love (feat. Maysa & Marqueal Jordan)
09 Another Love Story
10 You Will Know When Love Is Real
11 Muse
12 We’re Gonna Be On Our Own
13 Season (Feat. Glenn Gaddum, Jr.)
14 Superstition
15 Like Chicken
16 Mustard Seed Pt.3
17 Sunny Saturday (feat. Chelsey Green) - Bonus Track

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