Keith Sweat & Takiya Mason Come Together For ‘Just The 2 Of Us’


There's just a little over a week until we get Keith Sweat's new album Dress to Impressbut while we wait the R&B legend is singing to impress on his latest single "Just the 2 Of Us." For the romantic ballad, he enlists the beautiful vocals of Takiya Mason who trades sweet nothings with Keith during the four-minute track. "Girl you know I like it, when you let your hair down / Boy you know I want you to make me feel good / There's nobody like you, in this whole wide world / That's why it's just the two of us," they sing, taking turns to serenade each other. The slow track sounds old school just like the romantic crooner, so there's nothing new here. It does, however, serve as a breath of fresh air considering we don't get enough of 2016 Keith Sweat on our playlists.

Since January, Keith has slowly but surely been making his way back into our hearts and our bedrooms with his return. "Just the 2 Of Us" serves as the follow up to Keith's single "Good Love" he served back in January and the visuals he dropped in April. His return album Dress to Impress drops July 22nd, and you can pre-order it right now on iTunes. Until he steals your grandmas, aunties and your cousins, too, listen to Keith and Takiya coo at each other ever so sweetly with "Just the 2 Of Us" right here.

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