Muhsinah Keeps It Hot With ‘June’

muhsinah june

Since the top of the year, Muhsinah has been gracing us with a new EP each month. The short, but sweet musical entries have been a welcome addition from the uber-talented artist, especially considering we didn't hear much from her in 2015. Well, she's more than making up for lost time, which brings us to her latest offering, June.

For the month, she blesses us with two gems, "Strawberry Moon" and "Fly." On the first, we find her making amends with her boo following a fight. Bouncy and light, the song is a wonderful opening to this two-song project. Though both songs show Muhsinah in top form, "Fly" is the standout with its lush arrangement that slowly builds before reaching its peak. Muhsinah's sweet, layered vocals provide the perfect pairing for this spacey number, making the only complaint being that it is way too short at only 1:52.

We're not quite sure what we were doing last month, but somehow her May entry slipped right under our noses. With three tracks to it, Muhsinah sticks to her formula of giving us just enough to whet our appetites while leaving us hungry for more. "Imagine That (Interlude)," "Rob" and "Kiss and Make Up" are the offerings we get this time around. If you've been following along with her previous monthly entries, then a clear recurring theme revolves around the ins-and-outs of love. While the topic is far from new, Muhsinah manages to polish it off with a voice that is clearly her own. There's no doubt about it, the music industry needs more of what she's bringing to the table. While it would be easy for each monthly entry to feel rushed or even lacking, Muhsinah is putting out complete, quality material on a monthly basis while making it look easy. We can't wait to see what the remainder of the year will bring. Both May and June are currently available on iTunes.

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