V. Bozeman Details The History of Blacks & Police In ‘Dear Officer’ Visual

Photo Credit: Maxwell Benson

Photo Credit: Maxwell Benson

It seems like every day we're waking up to a new police-involved shooting of a black man. This morning, it was Florida's Charles Kinsey, a behavior therapist from Florida who was shot by North Miami police — despite that fact that he was protecting his autistic patient and was lying on his back with his hands lifted in the air to show that he was unarmed. This case is just another example of the tensions that have been building between police and the black community for decades and are now coming to a head. Singer V. Bozeman detailed this in "Dear Officer," a song she recorded in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement that she premiered last week, and now she's dropped a moving video showcasing the tumultuous history between African-Americans and the boys in blue.

The clip for "Dear Officer" begins with an image of Malcolm X, whose speech on police brutality opens up the song. From there, the video shows almost a complete history of clashes between blacks and police from the day of the civil rights movement until now. As we hear V.'s powerful voice, images of sit-ins, marches, protests and civil rights leaders like the Black Panther Party, Katherine CleaverCoretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. flash on the screen, accompanied by the song's moving lyrics. But eventually the grainy black-and-white images give way to full-color shots of modern day protests, showing that though more than five decades have passed since then and now, not much has really changed.

Check out the moving clip for "Dear Officer" below and, for more music that speaks to the currently turbulent times, check out SoulBounce's "Movement Music" playlist here.

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