Bibi Bourelly Bemoans The Opposite Sex With ‘Boys Lie’


There's something very enamoring about newcomer Bibi Bourelly, who's had the opportunity to flex her vocals on songs by Usher and Lil Wayne as well as on her own. In fact, it'd be safe to say that when she's by herself on songs like "Riot," she shines best. While she has fans waiting on Free The Real (Part 2), she decided to give us a little something to make the wait a bit more bearable with her latest loosie "Boys Lie."

The track opens with a few strains of acoustic guitar as what seems to be the chatter of a crowded coffee house washes over everything. Among all that, Bibi's soft voice cuts through as she begins her lament. It seems that some little ne'er-do-well has broken our poor Bibi's heart (in fact, the full title of the song is "Boys Lie :("), but luckily she's turned her pain into music. "Shoulda put you to work / Have you running behind," she begins listing regrets about what she should've done, leaving us to assume what really went down. Though only a guitar accompanies her, she draws color from her own vocal inflections, at times raspy and others piercing and clear, as she reservedly sings of love past. Once she's done laying out her relationship burdens, a sample from the infamous '90s indie film Kids plays, with two clueless teenages discussing taking a girl's virginity before the song fades out, possibly adding an even deeper meaning to the song.

We still don't have an ETA on when we can expect Free The Real (Part 2), but we definitely suggest that you wait out the EP with this. And if you've happened to have your heart torn apart by one of those lying boys, then this one's definitely for you.

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