Kehlani Gets Her Harley Quinn On In The Visual For ‘Gangsta’


We must admit, when Kehlani  first dropped her Suicide Squad soundtrack single "Gangsta," we were wondering what the hell it had to do with the movie. Then, upon listening to the lyrics, we discovered that it was all about the twisted love affair between Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's Joker. But, if that point wasn't driven home for you after your initial listen, you now have the single's video to help drive the point home.

For the clip, Kehlani embodies Harley Quinn, a character that would do anything for her puddin', even it means going a little crazy in the process. We see the singer laying down on a floor covered in broken glass and she coos the song's lyrics. As she sings, scenes from the film are interspersed throughout. At some points, it actually seems as if Kehlani is actually part of them as well, with the video's set design matching that of the movie. As the song comes to a close, Kehlani comes face to face with her own personal, purple-suited Mr. J, a small smile coming to her face.

While we highly doubt that someone would actually desire a relationship as psychotic and disturbed as the one between Harley and The Joker, Kehlani does at least manage make it sound pretty (pretty crazy, that is). Check out the video for "Gangsta" below.

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