KeKe Wyatt & Keever West Share A Stirring Rework Of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’

Photo Credit:Teddy Cobb-Wyatt

Photo Credit: Teddy Cobb-Wyatt

Despite a busy touring schedule, dropping her fourth studio release (Rated Love), and raising eight children on top of it all, KeKe Wyatt has made good on her promise to deliver new #KeKeCovers every month this year. Whether it's classic R&B, modern pop or country blues, the video series has certainly proven that the R&B diva can slay anything she wants. However, her latest installment, a cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," might be the most special edition we've seen yet. (And that's saying a lot considering her amazing Prince tribute.)

In light of the current state of this country (the world, even), the timely message of this 1971 masterpiece (currently celebrating its 45th anniversary) is obviously paramount. But this particular rendition stands out for other reasons as well. In a #KeKeCovers first, Ke'Tara sheds her solo act and performs a duet with none other than her talented brother Keever West. The acoustic reinterpretation is also a premiere of the first #KeKeCovers music video.

Directed by West, it's a heartwarming family affair with KeKe's adorable children Mimmi and Ke'Mar giving us all the feels while the Wyatt siblings implore us to #StayWoke with effortless riffs and beautifully poignant vocals, accompanied by dulcet strains from KeKe's guitar. Watch their dedication to "all of those whose lives were cut short due to senseless violence" below, hear more from Keever via Bandcamp, and keep up with KeKe via Twitter.

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