Soulful Nerd’s Seen & Heard In Europe: Digging Into Dutch Soul, Pt. 1


The Gospel Sessions
Hear this: The Gospel Sessions Vol. 1 and The Gospel Sessions Vol. 2

Blending Negro spirituals, gospel classics and original compositions with musical styles ranging from rock, blues, bluegrass and classic soul, The Gospel Sessions, made up of band members Michelle David, David Onno Smit, Paul Willemsen and Toon Oomen, have managed to concoct an award-winning brew. They harness such a calm yet intensely spiritual wallop. I was transfixed when I first heard them.

Lead singer Michelle David's vocals are angelically sweet at times and at others rough, sassy, bold. Imagine an old church mother singing in a juke joint, bringing the Holy Ghost up in there real quick and bouncin’ shortly thereafter. That is Ms. David. She is baaad, y’all. Everything from the group’s musical arrangements, styling, toMichelle's finely-tuned stage presentation feel so right. To me, they embody the stuff of legend; like the '50s and '60s music icons we all love and still talk about. For the record, I'll now be adding The Gospel Sessions to that list of legends.

(Little-known fact: David is a native New Yorker who has been dazzling soul and gospel fans in Europe for over a decade now and even penned the tune “Dear Rosa” on the LaBelle reunion album, Back To Now.)

Check out a live performance of one of my favorite tunes from their first album, The Gospel Sessions Vol. 1, “Can’t No Grave,” and catch up with The Gospel Sessions on Facebook and their official website.

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