Soulful Nerd’s Seen & Heard In Europe: Digging Into Dutch Soul, Pt. 1


Lady Shaynah
Hear this: Dare

Born in Curaҫao into a family of professional musicians, Lady Shaynah began studying music at age five. Her musical influences range from gospel to pop and everything in between. In 2013, she released her first single, and original composition titled “Rescue Me” and her career has been moving forward like a rocket ship ever since. In December 2014, she was the winner of the Music Matters Award.

In June of this year, her debut album, Dare, was released. My absolute favorite tune is the up-tempo “Werk It.” It has this funky whimsicalness to it reminiscent of Janelle Monáe. This tune went to the number one spot in the NPO Radio 6 Soul and Jazz Chart. All of the amazing exposure she has garnered over the past two years led to her being invited as the supporting act for Dutch soul star Sabrina Starke’s 2015 tour. She has worked with musical giants Candy Dulfer and Snarky Puppy, all while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in jazz. Shaynah oozes personality and positivity. And I've heard she does a mean split at her live concerts when she's not tickling the ivories. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for this bright young talent.

See how Lady Shaynah works it in this NPO Jazz Soul in-studio performance of "Werk It," then be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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