‘Indulge’ In Joe Hertz’s JONES Remix


We've been overdosing on the goodness that is JONES since early last year. And with her debut album New Skin set to arrive next month, we can't help but listen to her even more. Thankfully, artist and producer Joe Hertz is giving us a reason to do just that with a hot new remix of her latest single, "Indulge."

The original version, which Jones dropped two weeks ago, is a beautiful ballad about the singer wanting to let go of inhibitions and live in the love she's found. It's slower pace gives room for the song to breathe as the music washes over the listener like waves on the shore. That's not the case with the smoking remix. Joe changes the slow and easy pace, exchanging it for a bumping, constant kick, synths and a few spare piano keys. And then when the beat drops, a full-out jams breaks out, with JONES' clear voice leading the way throughout the jam.

We've still got about three weeks away from enjoying New Skin in its entirety, but you can take pleasure in Joe's remix of "Indulge" below as well as press play on the original just in case you might've missed it. You can find more remixes of the track, as well as more JONES gems, on the singer's SoundCloud page.

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