Let Jessica Childress Take You ‘Far Away’


Take one-part Chaka Khan, one-part Donna Summer, add a splash of Andreya Triana, and you’ll have an eclectic soul singer with a voice touched by angels. Luckily, this heavenly artist exists on Earth. Her name is Jessica Childress, and she’s taking us “Far Away” with her latest single.

Opening with an '80s pop feel, Jessica takes us on an up tempo, feel-good journey of spontaneity and release from the world’s burdens. “Close my eyes / Let it fall away / Forget about tomorrow / When it all caves in / Let me breath again / Forget about the sorrow,” Jessica sings, her earthy voice floating perfectly above the beat showcasing her strong vocals on this infectious track. She is free and unabashed in her request to be taken far away, if only for the moment. You can almost picture her massive curls blowing in the wind as she drives to nowhere in particular with the car windows down and that signature infectious smile lighting her face.

The Voice alumna is making moves as she readies her next project and works with some key producers, including Alex Elena who worked on Alice Smith's For Lovers, Dreamers & Me and co-produced "Far Away" with Topher Mohr. Jessica is set to follow up her Don’t Forget My Name EP with a full-length album in 2017. While the finishing touches are being put on her first album, you can catch Jessica on tour with SoulBounce favorite Allen Stone this month.

Go "Far Away" with Jessica Childress right here, and keep up with the songstress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her official website.

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