Get To Know Sevyn Streeter’s Many Freaky Sides In ‘D4L’


Sevyn Streeter continues with the monthly rollout leading up to her debut album, Girl Disrupted. She's already laced us with the raucous jam "Prolly" and the sultry single 'My Love For You." Now Ms. Streeter paints a picture of the kind of girl (or girls) she is with new single "D4L" and its accompanying video. The track, which is about her being up for anything when it comes to love, features The-Dream and is produced by him and partner in crime Tricky Stewart.

Song-wise, things are a bit run-of-the-mill. Sevyn delivers a capable enough performance vocal, with her layered vocals on the chorus sounding especially nice. However, they're saddle with by-the-numbers production — consisting of airy synths and bass-heavy programmed drums — that never really goes anywhere (and as for The-Dream's feature, it's relegated to backing vocals only, it seems). To atone for the lackluster song, Sevyn spices things up in the video by revealing to us her numerous freaky sides. First up is Kitty, a bubbly and curvy vixen who likes showing of her assets. Then there's dominatrix Trixy, who's way into whips, chains and leather. Following them are naughty teacher Ms. Streeter, the classy and leotard-clad Alexa and around-the-way girl Lil Streetz. Each personality is meant to, according to Sevyn, "visually show the different sides that can live within any woman for her man."

While the video definitely pulls off that feat, the jury's still out on whether or not it's enough to save the song. Watch the clip yourself right here and feel free to weigh in on whether or not this one's a keeper.

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