JoJo Shares Her Love Letter To ‘Music.’


It's hard to believe, but the 10-year wait for a new JoJo album is about to end in a matter of days when Mad Love is released on October 14th. It's been a long time coming for the singer's third album, but her fans have held tight and held her down over the years. They didn't give up on her, and she, in turn, didn't give up on her childhood dream. For anyone who questions if JoJo is true to this, they only need to listen to her new song "Music." and view its accompanying music video.

"Music." is JoJo's love letter to the thing she loves the most. She doesn't utter the word "music" at any point in the song, but it's clear what she's singing about in the autobiographical ballad. "Tell me who, who would I be without you? / No matter how much we lose / Every time I bet my life on you," she sings on the chorus in between sharing about the sacrifices her mother made and hoping her deceased father is proud of her. The lyrics alone will have you wading in the waters of your feelings, but the music video will really have you in a glass case of emotion.

The clip mimics an old VCR tape of a montage of grainy performance clips of a very young JoJo on TV shows like Destination Stardom and of home movies of the child on stage and in the studio. Young JoJo commanded the stage back then even with a toothless grin. To see this vintage footage of her over the years before her big break at 13 (when her self-titled debut album was released) is a serious trip down memory lane.

We've heard a mixed bag of singles and leaks from JoJo's third album, but none is more heartfelt than "Music." with its heartwarming visual. "Music." is the opening track on Mad Love, and it sets the tone for JoJo's triumphant return. Pre-order Mad Love on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.