SoulBounce Exclusive: ‘Take It Slow’ & Watch Isa Do The Same


This past March, NYC-based songstress Isa premiered her single "Take It Slow" right here on SoulBounce, and she returns today with the song's music video, which we are also debuting.

The visual for "Take It Slow" takes a slice of life approach and shows different versions of love -- between a mother and child, young couples, married couples, etc. -- and various individuals performing mundane tasks such as walking down the street and riding the subway. According to Isa, that was by design to give it a more intimate, real feel. "We filmed a large portion of it in my home and neighborhood in the Bronx, and I got to work with some amazing people (a lot of which have been with me on this journey as a singer-songwriter), so I'm truly grateful for the final outcome," she states. "In my eyes, this is what makes the music video just as special as the song itself, which came from a really genuine and raw place."

The "Take It Slow" video isn't just about Isa, but of course the focus is on her as we see her booed up and enjoying a lazy day in bed with her guy and later as one of the subway passengers. Another star of the story is the Bronx itself, with the New York City borough getting some shine.

Take in Isa's "Take It Slow" below, and if you're in the New York City area on Sunday, October 30th, make plans to see Isa live in concert at The Bitter End that night. Stay tuned to more from Isa with the upcoming release of her Mirrors Volume I EP.



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