Terrace Martin & Tone Trezure Give Peace An Animated ‘Push’


When we first heard Terrace Martin's "Push," which is lifted from his excellent Velvet Portraits, we were automatically transported to the feel-good soul sounds of the '70s, when bass lines were at their funkiest, horn sections didn't know when to quit and soul music was at its apex. The throwback sound was only accentuated by the rich and raspy voice of Tone Trezure, who brought it all home with her soulful, gospel-tinged delivery. For the track's visual, Terrace and Tone double down on the retro feel with an animated clip.

If you were a fan of The Jackson 5ive cartoon series that aired from '71 to '72 or Schoolhouse Rock, then the video for "Push" will be right up your alley. Terrace and Tone are reimagined as animated characters as the song springs to life around them. Flowers bloom, the words come to life and fists are raised as the twosome pushes their message of love, change and togetherness. The clip gets so much of the feel of its '70s Saturday morning inspirations right that you might find yourself wanting to pour a bowl of cereal while viewing the colorful and fun clip.

Check out the video for "Push" below and be sure to pick up a copy of Velvet Portraits, which is available now, if you haven't already.

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