The Pendletons, Jimetta Rose & I, Ced Throw A Funky Rent Party In ‘Gotta Get Out’ Visual


Look, the struggle is real. One week you're high on the hog, the next week you're barely scraping together two nickels to pay the rent. Luckily for us, The Pendletons put together the perfectly upbeat soundtrack for the struggle with their disco-tinged jam "Gotta Get Out." Now the song, which also features I, Ced and Jimetta Rose on the vocal tip, has a fun video to help viewers laugh and dance away the broke-like-a-joke blues.

I, Ced and Jimetta star as a couple trying to get their lives together with the fact the rent's due looming over their heads. While Jimetta heads out to make that money, I, Ced stays home and hangs out with a few friends (including Pendletons members E Da Boss and Trailer Limon) and smokes out while job applications linger on the coffee table. In the midst of all that hanging, though, Ced somehow misses his landlord taping an eviction notice to their front door. While that is surely some BS, instead of being defeated, Ced gets crafty and throws a rent party that looks like the jam of the year.

Speaking of jams, The Pendletons' debut EP — also called Gotta Get Out — will arrive on November 18th and is sure to feature more songs telling the story of everyday hardships while giving us grooves to jam to. While we wait for that release, check out the visual for "Gotta Get Out" right here.

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