The SoulBounce Q&A: Eric Benét Reflects On Life, His New Album & 20 Years Of ‘True To Myself’


SB: I know what some of our favorites are from the album --

EB: I want to hear! I always love this part.

SB: Okay, well one of my favorites, me myself personally, is "Broke Beat & Busted."

EB: Broke. Beat. And busted. So, that song was produced by my music director. That song did not happen in the session I talked about before.

SB: Really?

EB: I was on the road with my touring band and we went to Memphis to Al Green’s studio because I just wanted to see what would happen. Would the same thing happen if we just got in the studio because we have such incredible chemistry? And “Broke Beat & Busted” happened. It was at the end of the day, one late night and I was slumped over the piano like, “Aw man, I’m tired.” Then Jonathan [Richmond] started playing, and it was like kind of the same thing with “Sunshine.” The piano that you hear is what he was playing, and I started with no lyrics obviously. Then I added some of the lyrics and the way I was singing it, I was actually broke down tired. That’s how the whole thing happened.

SB: Okay.

EB: It’s that thing where you take that demo and it tells you this song is called “Broke Beat & Busted.”

SB: It sounds like the song wrote itself.

EB: Yeah, because you kind of sound broke, beat and busted right then. (laughter) I just wanted to paint that picture. I think we’ve all been there before where you meet somebody that you are so spiritually and cosmically connected to, but y’all might have some issues. Y’all be breaking up and y’all be getting back together, and this was that time when y’all break up and it felt like it might have been the time that you break up.

And somebody might have to pull you off of a ledge because you might feel like you want to jump off. So, yeah, that was the picture I was trying to paint lyrically with that.

SB: Well, you painted a beautiful masterpiece.

EB: Thank you.

SB: “Insane,” that’s another one.

EB: Whew! (laughter)

SB: Whew is right! That song is hot!

And so is “Holdin On,” your scandalous little song with MC Lyte.

EB: Y’all gave me a dope review by the way. Thank you.

SB: On my goodness, you’re welcome. Thank you for being dope and making it easy.

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