The SoulBounce Q&A: Eric Benét Reflects On Life, His New Album & 20 Years Of ‘True To Myself’


SB: I have to ask you about the 20th anniversary of your debut album, True to Myself.

EB: Isn’t that crazy?

SB: Yes, it is.

EB: I think Warner Bros. was telling people that I was 26. (laughter) Obviously, I was 30.

SB: We know how they do.

EB: Yeah, you know how they do.

SB: (Laughter) So, talk about the evolution.

EB: I vividly remember recording the True To Myself album back in Milwaukee. Some of it in my bedroom, some of it at this studio that me, Demonte and my cousin George were working at, but there was just like this energy of having so much autonomy and creative control and everything. I didn’t want anyone from the label coming to the studio because my sister and I had already had an experience a few years prior.

SB: Ah, yes.

EB: We were signed to EMI, and we got dropped.

SB: The group Benét.

EB: Yeah, Benét. We didn’t exactly have creative control of the album, so that’s why I named the album True To Myself. I was like if I ever get an opportunity to do my own shit, I’m going to do it on my own terms, the way that I want to do it and I’m going to call it True to Myself.

So, I remember that giddy incredible feeling of just excitement of having that control. When recording this album, it felt the same. All these years later, being able to express myself my way, on my own terms and how I wanted to with these incredible musicians and partners in crime with me and having this beautiful family and my daughters and my wife to inspire me. It was an incredible feeling.

SB: You’ve come full circle.

Well, thank you for being consistent, authentic and just being you. We love you for it.

EB: Thank you. That’s a dope compliment right there.

SB: So, before we part ways, I gotta know, what makes your soul bounce?

EB: What makes my soul bounce? (laughter) Feeling authentic, and not only being comfortable in my own skin but celebrating my skin and being like, “Uh, I feel good!”

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