‘University Of Dope’ Card Game Is Ready To Test Your Hip Hop Knowledge


Can you name all the members of Wu-Tang Clan? Can you spit the lyrics to "Regulate?" Do you actually remember Rappin' Duke ("da-ha, da-ha")? Regardless of your answers, "School's in session!" with a new game called University of Dope. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and as lovers of hip hop music, we can tell you that we NEED this in our lives. Like yesterday.

The card game, based soley on hip hop culture, is the brainchild of A.V. Perkins (aka A.V. Supreme, lifestyle blogger behind A.V. Does What!?) and Marian Andoh (aka Skinni Bee, event planner and former DJ), two friends who share a love for music and game nights. One of the many aspects that makes this game special is that your peers are not only students but your professors. Also, there are two quirky options for game play: "Big Willy Style" (dedicated to Will Smith and featuring no alcohol) or "Thug Life" (dedicated to the memory of Tupac and featuring alcohol). Plus unconventional rules like "Correct answers are selected by the majority of players. (i.e. 4 Players, 3 say 'A' then 'A' wins)" will ensure a night of hilarious (and heated) debate that will generate memories for years to come. An expansion pack and app are also in the works, so we won't be getting bored with this game anytime soon.

These entrepreneurial sistahs have us over here smacking our foreheads like, "Why didn't WE think if this?? It's genius!" But they need our help to make their dream a reality. Take a look at the video below to learn more about University of Dope. Let's help bring this to the masses by visiting their website; following the movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; sharing the news with your peeps and (most importantly) donating to the cause via their Indiegogo campaign. Sign-up for the #UDope newsletter to receive a 15% discount when the game is released. Plus, receive cool #UDope merchandise perks like mobile wallpaper, a mug, t-shirt or varsity jacket when you help fund the campaign.

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