Mary J. Blige Reflects On Lost Love In ‘Thick Of It’


Mary J. Blige may be going through a nasty divorce from husband Kendu Isaacs, but she's not letting that slow her down or break her stride. As a matter of fact, she's found the strength to go on and is using her broken relationship as the inspiration for her new music. We can hear Blige going through her emotions in her current single "Thick Of It," and now we get to see Queen Mary in action and in her feelings in the song's music video.

Clearly subscribing to the old saying that looking good is the best revenge, Mary J. is living her life like it's golden and rocking her finest blonde mushroom-styled wig and fierce looks in leather, sequins and fur. Instead of her usual diamonds, Blige is dipped in gold jewelry and the video itself features warm tones of gold from the lighting to the mirrors that surround MJB as she looks at her reflection, sings and dances. She may be in a sad/mad mood, but that doesn't stop her from Mary Bopping or Dabbin' away the pain during her always entertaining interpretive dance moves. Mary J. Blige is showing that despite what she's dealing with, she has the resolve to get through this.

"Thick Of It" is the first single from Mary's upcoming album, Strength of a Woman, and fans can see her perform this song live and get the full MJB experience right now on her co-headlining tour with Maxwell, the King + Queen of Hearts World Tour, which just started its U.S. leg this past weekend in Baltimore.

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