CeeLo Green Wants To Make Gnarly Davidson ‘Famous’ & It Just Might ‘Hurt’


Sometimes artists take on other personas to stretch their creative genius, and we either welcome it with open arms or tell it go away promptly. One CeeLo Green is no stranger to doing this, and we haven't been disappointed yet. This time, however, it looks like he's created a monster. Meet Gnarly Davidson. The artist appears to be looking for a f**k to give in his latest single "F**k Me, I'm Famous." The accompanying visual features a mini CeeLo surrounded by bikni-clad women at a mansion house party because this is his regular life. The clip also feature CeeLo, who is consistently blurred out in the entire video. The funky track, with its heavy guitar and percussion will for sure make you wonder why you weren't invited to the shindig.

Gnarly also released his first single "Hurt Me Again" on Halloween, and we're sure the timing was intentional since the track is quite haunting. "Now I've seen it all /  Going through withdrawal / I need something to hurt me again," he sings. The '60s punk-inspired track has an upbeat chorus featuring Halloween-themed sound effects and creepy harmonies. Despite its somber mood, Gnarly's voice is mesmerizing.

CeeLo teased Gnarly Davidson this summer, calling the new project a solo mixtape not too far from the musical stylings of Gnarls Barkley. If you recall watching a viral video of a cell phone blowing up in CeeLo's face over the weekend, the footage was for his Gnarly project rollout. We're unclear on the release date  but our new friend Gnarly left a colorful message for potential fans on Facebook  yesterday to introduce himself: "Hello? Gnarly here. How the f**k are ya? Listen, if you looking for a good time and you’re sick of sanity, f**k – you’re in luck. You can escape thru your earholes with me – the master blaster faster natural disaster, eclectic electric organism in forward rhythm at god give you what you need. Make no mistake this is not fucking CeeLo Green. As a matter of fact, f**k him!" Well, damn.

If you want to stay up-to-date with Gnarly Davidson's shenanigans, you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check out his new music right here.

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