August Alsina Doesn’t Make Us ‘Wait’ Long For Another Video


August Alsina seems to be in some sort of rush as of late. After dropping his sophomore set, This Thing Called Life, in late 2015, August was relatively quiet for a good stretch of 2016. Now, however, he's been making up for lost time with the back-to-back release of two songs from his upcoming third release, Drugs. First was the set's title track, which was followed quickly by a visual. Then we got the straightforward yet sentimental song "Wait," which today gets its own video treatment.

The song, which finds August in the tender situation of not being able to be what his girl needs at the moment, is a rare moment of honesty lacking in most modern-day love songs. Rather than go the literal route, however, it seems that August wants to leave the meaning of the song's visual up to the viewer. We first see August sitting at a table in a high-backed throne while flanked by two interpretive dancers wearing billowing fabric. Soon, he's singing the song's honest lyrics as the dancers whirl about him in the mostly empty room. A cold front somehow creeps in as he sings, though, with the room suddenly filling with flurries of snow and covering everything, including the table, as the NOLA singer mugs contemplatively at the camera. Are the different visual elements showing that his love is growing colder as the song progresses? Do the dancers represent his conflicting emotions? Do his blown-out curls mean he's feeling like a pimp so he's gotta dust his shoulders off? Did he achieve the clip's hazy effect by hiring the same camera crew that did season one of RuPaul's Drag Race? These are just some of the questions that we need answers for after checking out this clip — though we doubt if we'll ever actually get them.

While it looks like we have to wait a bit longer to discover when August will release Drugs, you don't have to wait to feast your eyes on "Wait." Check it out when you press play.