Johnny Popcorn Stand & ‘Fall’ Together

Totem Pole, the latest album from Philly-based band Johnny Popcorn, confirms that you need to give yourself some room when attempting to define their sound. “Fall,” the current single and latest visual fruit from the album, embodies the genre-defying rebellion you’ll encounter throughout the project. Directed by lead vocalist Hezekiah and multimedia collective Embassy: Interactive, the video is a simply produced provocateur. A poignant unpacking of unfortunate prosaic, romantic suffering plays up against the rock-n-soul tinged bluesy funk of the track.

The video is a stylish outside-looking-in view of wildly emotional breakdowns occurring in parked cars everywhere, every day. Jani Coral makes a striking debut as “Fall’s” vocal and video lead. A literal depiction of the lyrics as they flow, the video’s uncomplicated imagery is stunningly powerful. The slow motion camera perspective delivers a calm that allows viewers to focus on subtle details. Conversation fervor is unmistakable between the lovers and the impact is real. You won’t mind the stress.

Humorous relief from the intensity is perfectly placed. Who doesn’t want immediate access to a bird flipping rescue squad of homies? The band’s camaraderie feels authentic and it adds an undeniable richness to the short film.

The complexity of addiction to drugs and people is “Fall”'s frank and full-circle discussion. Highs lead to inevitable lows, but the help of a strong support system can provide healing. Johnny Popcorn’s artistic ode to friendship is appreciated.

Carve out some time to check out the “Fall” video several times and download digital copies of Totem Pole on AmazoniTunes, Google Play or Bandcamp. Details about upcoming performances are available on their website. And you can keep up with the band and their music with follows on Twitter and Facebook.

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